Replacement Sheath

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5 Piece ref:41495: Rigging knife, Spike, Pliers, Screwdriver, Adjustable Spanner
4 Piece ref:41439: Rigging knife, Spike, Pliers, Screwdriver
4 Piece ref:41395: Rigging knife, Spike, Pliers, Adjustable Spanner
3 Piece ref:40139: Rigging knife, Spike, Pliers
3 Piece ref:40133: Rigging knife, Pliers, Screwdriver
2 Piece ref:40129: Rigging knife, Spike
2 Piece ref:40123: Rigging knife, Screwdriver
2 Piece ref:40229: Bowie knife, Spike
1 Piece: Rigging, Bowie or Seaman’s knife

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5 Piece 41495, 4 Piece 41439, 4 Piece 41395, 3 Piece 40139, 3 Piece 40133, 2 Piece 40129, 2 Piece 40123, 2 Piece Bowie Knife, Rigging Knife Sheath, Bowie Knife Sheath, Carbon Bladed Seaman\'s Knife Sheath